The following services are available for hire by agencies, law firms, companies, government offices, and individuals. Contact Susan directly to discuss your needs and for a free quote.

Interpreting - Spanish/English

  1. Legal - In Court
    State certified Spanish courtroom interpreter. Simultaneous interpreting for hearings and trials in criminal, civil, family, and immigration court. Consecutive interpretation of witness testimony.
  2. Legal - Out of Court
    Depositions, attorney-client interviews, arbitration, mediation.
  3. Conference
    Simultaneous interpreting for educational, corporate, and other special events with interpreting equipment. Work with booth and partner as necessary.
  4. Liaison
    One on one interpreting for visiting individuals and groups.
  5. Over the Phone
    Over the phone interpreting available for short interactions available as a low-cost and time-effective alternative.

Translation - Spanish and Portuguese > English

  1. Legal
    Property titles and deeds, RFPs, Sales and Purchase Agreements, other various contracts, judicial rulings (divorce decrees, termination of parental rights, resolutions, sentences), legislation and legal statutes
  2. Personal Documents
    Certified official translation of birth certificates, diplomas, transcripts, marriage licenses, etc.
  3. Immigration
    Letters, statements, applications, official government documents, and any other documentary evidence for use in immigration proceedings.
  4. International Development
    Strategic and operative planning documents, budgets, financial reporting, articles, presentations.
  5. Alternative Energy
    In-house translator for wind and solar power company. Occupational health and safety manuals, assembly instruction (towers, nacelles), factory testing and inspections, inventory lists, start-up procedures.

Paralegal Services

  1. Document Review
    Review and organization of documents in Spanish, English, and Portuguese.
  2. E-Discovery
    Identification and classification of exhibits in Spanish, English, and Portuguese.
  3. Client Interfacing
    Facilitation of communication with Spanish and Portuguese-speaking clients. Interpretation of meetings and other interactions.

Transcription - Spanish and English

  1. Forensic Transcription/ Translation
    Transcription of Spanish audio or video with its corresponding translation into English for use in court. Expert testimony on the process and product provided as needed.
  2. General Transcription
    Transcription of English or Spanish audio or video, such as doctoral research or family histories.